Monday, 28 September 2015

Harvest moon on high before a lunar eclipse

Above: A full moon high above Silsden the evening before a lunar eclipse, which took place in the early hours of September 28. The 'supermoon' was at perigree -- its closest point to the earth in 2015. The harvest moon had followed the autumn equinox, on September 23.
Above: still a full moon over Silsden on the evening of September 28.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

New seat in memory of former fireman

Above: A walker makes use of a handsome new seat in Swartha Lane.

Above: there are fine views to Nab End behind the seat, which has been placed in memory of former
Silsden fireman Norman Ives, who died in October 2014 aged 80. He had been a frequent walker in local lanes.

Right: the seat is inscribed with an invitation to "take a pew and enjoy his favourite view".

Below: this stretch of Swartha Lane affords a panoramic view of Silsden and through the Aire Valley towards Lancashire.
Above: Norman Ives is on the left of this photograph of the Silsden Fire Brigade, taken by the late Will Baldwin in the late 1950s or 1960-61. The Station Officer at the time was long-serving Jack Paley, who is pictured fourth from the right. Next to him (third from right) is his son David, who became Station Officer in 1980, following on from Tom Shuttleworth (far right), who succeeded Jack Paley in 1961. 

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Brewing to return to Red Lion after 200 years

Above: Mr Luke Reid (right), the new licensee of the Red Lion in Silsden, is pictured with his mother and father, Julie and Paul Reid, and brother William. Luke is planning to transfer the family’s microbrewery to the historic pub next year – 200 years or so since ale was last brewed on the premises. In the 1700s the Red Lion  was a coaching inn. The old cobbled yard and stables (pictured below), although dilapidated, have been preserved. The courtyard has been given a floral facelift and at the rear a long disused beer garden is being renovated. William is carrying out the work. 
Longer term, Luke hopes to make a feature of the old stables, as well as improving the upstairs rooms and restoring the Red Lion as a community focal point, for which it was originally famed in the 19th century. The pub will concentrate on cask ales, mainly supplied in due course by the on-site brewery. The property is owned by the licensee’s father, Mr Paul Reid, a Halifax-based businessman. 

Monday, 7 September 2015

Second-hand bus shelter for sale?

Above: for what is believed to be the first time in more than 60 years, buses no longer stop in Dradishaw Road. New arrangements, which came into force on August 30, have been greeted with dismay by passengers, many of them elderly, living in Gloucester Avenue and Kent Avenue. The nearest stops for Transdev buses are in Skipton Road and Woodside Road. The company says the two Dradishaw Road stops are lightly-used. Gloucester Road will still be served by the 903 bus operated by Jacksons.
Above: The 'simplified' 762 Transdev route from Ilkley to Keighley will stop in Elliott Street near the junction with Keighley Road. Buses will then turn right into Keighley Road. Most motorists view the junction as a nightmare.
Above: Schools buses in Kirkgate. The new Elliott Street bus stop has been introduced because Keighley-bound 762 buses will no longer use Kirkgate, which has become a blackspot because of parked cars. The Jacksons service will still serve Kirkgate.