Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A new sweet shop opened in Silsden on May 1. Candy Fest, in Elliott Street, is selling old-style boiled sweets, candies and toffees in traditional glass jars (pictured above) as well as modern-day chocolate bars and goodies. The opening stock of 140 lines will be increased to 200. Owners James and Sharon Hoyles, pictured right, will be offering bespoke novelties, such as candy trees, for parties and special occasions. Candy Fest is also online with a Facebook page. James and Sharon are from Lothersdale. Two of their four children attend school in Silsden and James has local customers for his carpet, curtains, upholstery and rug cleaning business, which he will continue to run. The Elliott Street shop was recently vacated by Gold Leaf Designs, which has moved to bigger premises across the nearby main road in the old Co-op premises on canal bridge.