Friday, 8 August 2014

Exhibition opened by nephew of Silsden bugler missing presumed dead on the Somme

Above: the First World War centenary exhibition was opened on August 8 by David Locker, who is pictured with his wife Jennifer. David's uncle, Bernard Locker, a bugler in the Silsden Brass Band and a regimental bugler when he enlisted, was sent to the front line in 1916 and is among the thousands missing presumed dead on the Somme.
Above: history student Lucy Millington was among the visitors absorbed by the story of Private Nelson Holmes, 18, the youngest Silsden soldier to be killed in action. He died at Ypres on December 16, 1915, shortly after writing a Christmas letter home.  
Above: the exhibition comprised more than 20 story boards together with posters and locally-donated memorabilia.
Above: Janet Robinson and son Alex are pictured alongside the story of the Faulkner family. Three Faulkner brothers were killed in the war and a fourth, shell-shocked, was committed to a mental institution, where he spent the rest of his life. He died in 1971.