Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Kimberley's business scents

Above: Kimberley Wearden displays some of the hand-made soaps at her shop in Elliott Street.
Former bakery manager Kimberley Wearden has gone into business on her own account, swopping the aromas of the oven for the fragrances of cosmetics and soaps.
After 10 years at the Craven Bakery in Skipton, Kimberley has opened Scented Creations in Silsden, supplying alluring fragrances in the form of hand-made soaps, bath bombs and wax melts.
The shop, in Elliott Street, opened in December and as well as attracting a steady flow of local customers postal orders have been received from farther afield, including Scotland and the Isle of Wight.
Kimberley undertook a course in candle-making before launching her first retail venture. She produces the novel wax melts at home. Using wickless burners, the highly-scented melts are made from soy-bean oils and are marketed as being eco-friendly. The shop also stocks wax burners and warmers. Small companies supply the hand-made soaps and bath bombs, which Kimberley “packages and pretties up”.
The ranges feature some 45 cosmetic scents, including designer fragrances bearing the names of the top fashion houses. Kimberley and her husband, Christopher, live in Silsden. They met during their bakery careers and Christopher is now manager of an Airedale bakery chain. Kimberley’s website is at