Sunday, 4 October 2015

Pastoral pleasures prepare us for autumn's arrival

Above: this horse chestnut tree in Keighley Road opposite the junction with Belton Road puts on a striking show every autumn, and again in spring when it bears white flowers in grand spikes.
Above: oak leaves in subtle yellows and browns. 
Above: crimson colours of an ornamental cherry.
Above: sycamores are widespread locally.
Above: horse chestnut.
Above and below: sycamores.

Above: ornamental acers make a fine feature in gardens.

Of mists and mellow fruitfulness

Above: early-morning fog of pea-souper density followed by strong afternoon sunshine was the pattern in the last week of September and the first few days of October.
Above: ahead of nature's spectacular show of harmonious hues, tantalising tints and exquisite sunsets, cultivated plants have held their colour well.
Above: tuberous begonias have blazed brazenly in borders. 
Above: the beauty parade at Priceholm at the entrance to the park is an unfailing annual treat.  
Above: laying low, possibly in the hope of avoiding a trip to market. 
Above: not quite time to batten down the hatches after late summer's gentle cruising.
Above: new life on the farm.
Above: doves were once a common rural sight.
Above: horse riding is a popular local pursuit with several well-kept stables and paddocks on the moors.