Friday, 26 February 2016

Counting House adds up to a niche venture

The former Barclays Bank premises in Kirkgate have reopened as the Counting House, a wine bar, bar and grill run by John Beaumont (above left) and chef Andy Davey. They believe they have identified a niche opportunity in a town where eaters and drinkers already have several choices, including the Robin Hood pub next door.
The Counting House lounge. "From our own experience living and socialising here we think there is scope for a social club type of bar," says John, who owns a small construction company. He and Andy have done the conversion work themselves.
The opening of the Counting House adds to a smart new look for this stretch of Kirkgate.The Office, a building planning and design service, at No 25 and Dexters Chop Shop, an upmarket barber, at No 27 both opened last year with facelifted frontages.
A slightly damaged photograph showing Kirkgate probably in the late 1800s/early 1900s with the premises now occupied by the Counting House on the left.