Sunday, 2 July 2017

Afternoon tea treat for senior citizens

Fifty guests aged over 75 were entertained to afternoon tea at Silsden Town Hall on July 1st. It was the fourth in a series of social events organised by the Friends of Silsden Town Hall, in a move to revive the tradition of community hospitality for the most senior citizens and made possible by funding from the Harry Beverley Tillotson Trust. Sandwiches and cakes were made and served by volunteers under the direction of Ray and Pat Colling. Entertainment was provided by soloist Sarah Halstead, with Terry Simpson at the piano, and there was a free competition on the theme of The Golden Age of Cinema. Transport was arranged for the less mobile. There will be a “Scones in Autumn” gathering on Wednesday September 27th  when all residents over 75 will be welcome to drop in for a cream tea. A Christmas tea and entertainment, by invitation only, will be held on Saturday December 9th.