Monday, 9 April 2018

Trustees hold key to Town Hall's future as a community asset

Sign of the times: Silsden Town Hall, which opened in 1884, is officially a new-style community asset run by seven trustees on behalf of the town. They take over from Bradford council, which is offloading public facilities to cut costs as part of government-imposed austerity measures. 
The Magnificent Seven: these public-spirited volunteers came forward to manage the Town Hall. From left to right are Simon Holland (secretary), David Jessup (operations manager), Pat Colling, John Peet (treasurer), Ray Colling (chairperson), Graham Arrowsmith and Paul Kilgallon. The leasing arrangements are being finalised. As well as a major venue for a wide range of events, the Town Hall is home to nearly a dozen organisations, from winter bowls to zumba, who meet there regularly.