Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Fire Station, Health Centre, senior citizens' flats at Staincliffe Court, family homes in Cobbydale Court -- it's hard to remember today that busy Elliott Street (pictured above) was an unmade lane (pictured below) up to 50 or so years ago. These two photographs looking towards Dradishaw and Woodside roads were taken by the Elliott Street junction with Hawthorne Street.
Looking in the opposite direction, the picture below shows the end house of Hawthorne Street on the left with Strawberry Street beyond. Between the two streets were pens-cum-allotments, which stretched from Elliott Street to South View Terrace. One was run by Norman Tidswell, who lived in South View Terrace (the plot was distinguished by an old railway carriage), and another belonged to George Holgate, who also lived in South View Terrace. The pens were replaced by houses after the 1970s. George's son Bill, and Bill's wife Mary, gave their name to Holgate's grocery shop in Kirkgate. The pens were replaced by houses after the 1970s. The black-and-white photographs are by courtesy of Silsden Camera Club.