Friday, 15 March 2013

It is difficult now to marry the present and the old lay-outs of Bridge Street between the access to Hayhills Road, along the side of the Twisters Club, and Pear Tree Cottage by the junction with Hillcrest Avenue. The street lamp by the row of shops in the picture below (courtesy of Silsden Camera Club) and its modern replacement to the left of the bus stop in the picture above (taken in February 2013) are the main comparing indicators.
The picture below shows the shops being demolished in 1972, opening up the view of the social club, which in those days was called the Warp Dressers and Twisters, which are textile processes. A change of ownership subsequently brought a change of name -- to the Cobbydale Club. Last year, under a new owner, the title reverted to the Twisters Club.