Tuesday, 1 March 2016

What a relief: removal of the beck barrier

that blighted an iconic setting

The Stakes Beck barrier that brought floods of complaints when it was installed 18 months ago was removed on March 1st, thus bringing to a close a bizarre episode involving disputes, denials and dismay. 
This is how the barrier, supposed to prevent the beck overflowing when in spate, spoiled the look of a picturesque and historic corner of Silsden. Bradford council ordered and implemented the removal of the barrier, which was engraved with the name of Silsden Town Council and stated "Built by M. O'Dwyer". The barrier had been installed voluntarily under the leadership of town councillor Michael O'Dwyer as a member of the Silsden Environmental Group. The group and Silsden Youth Council had been awarded public funds of up to £3,500 for materials and to clear the beck of flow-obstructing rubbish. (See my Blog post of September 2014.)